Latest changes: - Buntu project availabe on the net - see the News section (16.12.2010)

icon.png Buntu availabe on the net

Buntu project finally appeared on the net - on 15th of December we transferred the first Buntu's official website with Buntu's repository. The Buntu LiveCD is at the moment at planning stage.

Buntu homepage


icon.png Because every news likes to have the title...

...and at the moment I lack of ideas to create a rational one.

A new name have been accepted, after consulting it with several people - Buntu will be the successor for RozLinux project. Nobody opposed.

What Buntu means? There's this word in polish dictionary - "bunt" - it means "a riot/rebellion".
New repository (maverick) is under development, also a new gpg key will be generated for signing repos content.
New project will be created and the already existing one - RozLinux - will stay online as long as it can.
Sooner or later a new link will appear, leading to the Buntu project.

This all means that RozLinux will only and only be based on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Lucid Lynx. Buntu will be based on Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat and on the next releases.

By introducing a new name we go beyond Rozbrat squat - Buntu in concept, will not only propague open source software with included "Rozbrat" theme, but - as I hope - with included other themes of other squats/places etc. It's for sure that "Rozbrat" theme will be the main one, and one of the reasons is because of missing other themes...
If you'd like to share some photos, graphics (mayby of squat where do you live), to make it availabe to others, you can send them and we will make a package and place it in repository.

Ah and one more thing - we will need a new logo with "Buntu" word inside.

That's all for now.