Latest changes: - Buntu project availabe on the net - see the News section (16.12.2010)

icon.png Introduction:

At the begining, I’d like to tell you about few formal-tech cases related to the RozLinux packages:
- These packages were already tested (by me), that’s why I have decided to publish them
- In spite of text above, you install them at your own RISK
- Before adding RozLinux repository make sure you are running Ubuntu 10.04 (how to find out)
- Ideas, feedback welcome!
- It doesn't matter, if you're running 64bit or 32bit system

For ppl who doesn't know what it is all about:
- RozLinux codename came from combining two words - "Rozbrat" (meaning a squat Rozbrat in Poland, Poznan) and ofc "Linux"
- RozLinux is a set/collection of deb packages for Ubuntu Linux distribution (current 10.04), which brings "Rozbrat" atmosphere into your computer ;)