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icon.png RozLinux integrated with Ubuntu

Completed second public release of "RozLinux 10.04" Beta3 for x86 arch (32bit).
The iso image weighs 697MB and can be downloaded from this location.

Control sums:

$ md5sum
d7c2766e20d896a1182162903a5247e8 rozlinux-10.04-beta3-i386.iso

$ sha1sum
ce7f7151062cf5052aaf57cfde62d113ecbf1966 rozlinux-10.04-beta3-i386.iso

RozLinux 10.04 Beta3 - changelog:
- Deleted package ubuntuone-client with its dependencies
- Added TOR, privoxy and also torbutton-extension for Firefox - now you all need to do is run FF and click the torbutton to activate...
- Added apt-tor-repository, privoxy-rozlinux-config and firefox-rozlinux-prefs packages (Firefox's config includes now 'general.useragent.override' param with 'appropriate' value, which makes discreet)
- Readded gwibber package
- Eleminated bug when checking disc for defects/corruptions
- Updated ubiquity package to 2.2.25rozlinux1.5 version
- Removed language-support-pl, language-support-writing-pl, wpolish for saving space
- Changed window's titlebar look - from 'clearlook' to 'new wave' theme
- Updated CD's content

Differences between Ubuntu 10.04 LTS "Lucid Lynix" and RozLinux 10.04 Beta2:
- From the beginning button layout on window's titlebar is on the right side
- Updated all packages on the CD
- Edited images in isolinux/ dir
- Edited translations in isolinux/ - gfxboot-rozlinux-theme
- Deleted all except of "en.hlp" help file in isolinux/ - also performed some changes in that file
- Deleted such packages like "branding-ubuntu", "ubuntu-wallpapers", "ubiquity-slideshow-ubuntu", "plymouth-theme-ubuntu*" ...
- Deleted "gwibber"
- Changed default username/hostname (LiveCD) - "ubuntu@ubuntu" - to something like more...appropriate ;)
- Changed default wallpaper (gnome-rozlinux-wallpapers)
- Added "gdm-rozlinux-squat-theme", "plymouth-rozlinux-squat-theme"
- Replaced package "plymouth" (including plymouth-x11, plymouth-label, libplymouth) with RozLinuxed version
- Modified "ubiquity" (installer) - general changes in translations, images etc.
- Added updated "gnome-rozlinux-icon-theme" package, which contains "ubiquity" RozLinuxed icon && "RozLinux-Squat" icon theme is set as default
- Added two links on desktop to RozLinux and Rozbrat Homepages (on the LiveCD part)
- New repository called "lucid-livecd" where you will be able to find "specjalized" packages, which are included (partially or fully) in the RozLinux iso image (meaning they are not meant for typical usage)
- Removed icon "Install RELEASE" from menu "System" (LiveCD part)
- Set "Clearlooks" as default theme
- Changed configuration grub2 file - line with "GRUB_DISTRUBUTOR=..." - instead of "Ubuntu" you will see the "RozLinux" string in grub2 menu
- Added "grub2-rozlinux-squat-theme" package


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